Nicola Hok

Nicola Hok is a EMO Advanced Practitioner Trainer & EMO Practitioner Trainer in London, England
Nicola Hok


Nicola Hok BTAA BA(UK) was among the first to study the Bowen Technique in the UK, learning from world authorities Ossie & Elaine Rentsch in 1993. She has a life-long interest in complementary medicine and a background in reflexology, massage and shiatsu. She is also a qualified EmoTrance Practitioner and Trainer and has given courses both singularly and with Trainer Kim Bradley in the UK for a number of years.

She has worked as a practitioner all over the world from South America to Africa & the Far East and taught in both Northern Ireland and Eire, Spain, Norway and South Africa as well as throughout the UK. She currently also teaches Bowen in Dubai and EmoTrance in Kuwait.


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